What Is A High Fiber Diet And What Should You Know About It?

high fiber diet

What Is A High Fiber Diet?

Dieting is one of the most known things to do when you want to keep tabs on your health. High fiber diet falls firmly in the most recommended types of food. Research shows that the levels of dietary fiber required by both and women vary, with the men taking about 30-38 grams, and the ladies 21-25 grams. A high fiber diet is the perfect source of both healthy and disease-fighting nutrients required by the human body. This, in turn, helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and also aids in perfect weight management.

high fiber diet

Fiber is a complex type of food, which lies in the carbohydrates bracket, and it is found in the cell walls of all different types of plant-based foods. So to say, all the fiber we take comes from plants, trees and also bushes. There are so many kinds of fiber, but the ones that are more significant to the body include:

Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble Fiber

This is the fiber type that does not dissolve in water, and it cannot be fermented by any of the bacteria residing in the colon. It, however, holds the ability to retain water, and through this, it helps in promoting a more substantial and more consistent bowel activity. This comes in handy in preventing various disorders such as the hemorrhoids. The sources of insoluble fiber include whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Soluble Fiber

Soluble Fiber

These are the fibers that can be fermented in the colon by the bacteria, and they are sources of food and also nourishment. As the right bacteria grow and thrive in the colon, there are so many health benefits that present itself for the body; the sources are oats, legumes, and root vegetables.

Prebiotic Soluble Fiber

Prebiotic Soluble-Fiber

These are relatively soluble plant fibers, which are newly discovered. They are also known as inulin or fructan. When they undergo fermentation by the bacteria found in the colon, they hold health benefits which have mainly been showcased in research. These fibers are found in large amounts in the yams, onions, bananas and also garlic.

The Benefits of High Fiber Diet

Bowel Regularity

A perfect high fiber diet ensures remarkable regularity, which is inclusive of bulkier, softer and also a regular stool pattern. This is important in that it reduces the chance of colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and even diverticulosis.

Cholesterol and Reduced Triglycerides

Soluble fibers have the chance of reducing cholesterol levels, and this is mainly when used on a regular basis. The psyllium and the prebiotic soluble fiber also hold the ability to lower cholesterol. They, in turn, reduces the instances of coronary heart disease. The recommended fibers, in this case, include the flax seed, legumes and also oats.

Better Integrity of the Colon Wall

The high fiber diet can change the bacterial makeup of the large intestine, to one that has a more unique and favorable balance. A high fiber diet with an unusually modest reduction in the animal and the meat products may, in turn, return the bacterial makeup to a more favorable balance, and what this has been being the soluble prebiotics being added to the diet.


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